Frequently Asked Questions

Is the screen E-Ink/E-Paper/LCD/CRT?#

E-Ink/E-Paper is the same technology used in devices like the Kindle. E-Ink is a brand of electronic paper (E-Paper) displays. Devices like the Pebble use a low power LCD, which is not E-Ink or E-Paper.

Watchy is E-Paper

How E-Paper Works

Which side is the front/back of the E-Ink display?#

The front is the side that's whitish gray, with a white bezel at the bottom. The back is metallic and mirror-like.

I stuck on the screen the wrong way, help!#

  • Do Not Pry Off the Screen! It is made of glass and prying it off the strong adhesive will definitely crack it
  • There is a screen protector on the screen (you can lift it off with the green tab), try to lift it off to save your screen
  • You can also slide a thin hobby knife between the screen and the PCB to remove the adhesive. Work slowly!
  • Check out this video on Badgy for reference

I'm getting a Failed to execute script esptool error#

This is a known issue for macOS 11 "Big Sur", see for solutions

Why does my display appear "static-y" or ghosting?#

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the GxEDP2 library (i.e. > 1.2.16) , there is a fix for the GDEH0154D67 display driver
  • Ensure the FPC cable is fully inserted, and the lock is in place

I have another issue, could you help me out?#

  • Open an issue on our Github, provide additional details on your setup (e.g. OS, Arduino Version, etc.) and photos of your Watchy